FORESIGHT PUBLISHING specializes in producing self-published books in three categories

By narrowing our efforts to these three fields, we provide a focus that is lacking in publishers who print any type of work from any author. This makes us artisanal crafters of professional development books that give companies and business individuals the kind of professional boost and credibility that comes with becoming a published author.

Campaign Builder

Inspirational Books

Career Builder
Inspirational Books


Corporate Image Builder Inspirational Books



Foresight Book Publishing is a division of Foresight Book Publishing, Inc., a Christian-owned organization and a nationally leading publisher of management development training programs.

Foresight is affiliated with one of the world’s largest book distributor, offering immediate access to more than 71,000 retailers and library customers globally. These include, Barnes & Noble, Walden Books, Family Christian Stores, and Books-A-Million, among others. Our distribution network also includes Spring Arbor, a preferred wholesale distributor for Christian retailers for more than 27 years.






The concept is simple: WE help you write, design, produce and internationally distribute the book. YOU promote it.

• Talented ghostwriters who will help you develop your ideas and stories into a polished, professional-quality finished book.

• Individualized service that is customizable to your particular wants and needs.

• Completely transparent pricing and billing for our all-inclusive packages. The only extra charges you may incur will be an “a la cart” array of marketing support tools, to assist you in your promotional efforts.

• We guarantee a high quality product in both hard and soft cover formats as well as eBook formatting along wide distribution channels, which include Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

• With Foresight you will maintain full control of the manuscript, book production and appearance, as well as keep full ownership of your intellectual property.

• We will obtain on your behalf the International Standard Book Number or ISBN registration, UPC bar code assignment for retail sales listings, and Library of Congress and US Copyright registrations.

• Updates and corrections to your book can be made simpler and more economical with a digitally-stored and fully editable format, making your book a fluid, obsolete-free document.

Instead of filling your garage with books that may never sell, we print only what is needed to meet your current demand—whether that’s a single book or 10,000. Either made by you directly through your own website and public engagements or through one of the major online booksellers your book will be linked to, you will profit from every single sale of your book.

Once an order is placed, we have all the electronic files necessary to print and deliver the book to its buyer within 24 hours. The distance between book-maker and book-reader has never been shorter. Instead of worrying about logistics and inventory management, you simply deposit checks for books that have been sold within the month.

Once the book is entered into our system, information about your title enters the catalogs of the world’s largest distribution channel of wholesalers, retailers, and booksellers and fully ready to start generating profit.

Not only are we fast, we are good!

Foresight Publishing is affiliated with the world’s largest book distributor and On-Demand book producer. This provides you with not only the widest array of ways to get your book to the public, but the highest book quality and up-to-date On-Demand publishing technology.

Our publishing agreement is simple and cancelable with a 30-day advanced notice.
YOU are in full control of the design, copyrights, and ownership of the book.
Our publishing and international distribution processes are easy and lightning-fast.

When it comes to producing books, speed is not our only strength. We work fast, but we also pay close attention to the personal relationship with our authors and craftsmen, conducting rigorous quality control checks on each book before it is shipped.

Our sharp graphics and crisp text make it virtually impossible to distinguish our On-Demand books from offset copies. Our affiliate facilities are equipped with the most advanced technology in the world, delivering great products in the most efficient and effective manner, and we are committed to continuous improvement as new innovations prove viable.


  • Campaign Builder Inspirational Books
    Promoting a book is a great way to build steam for an upcoming campaign. Now more than ever, elected or aspiring public officials are self-publishing memoirs, biographies, and inspirational books in order to share their personal stories and introduce themselves to their constituencies.

    Excellent Campaign Contributions Vehicle – President Jimmy Carter, Mike Huckabee, Al Gore, and John McCain are all politicians turned authors who gained great success with their published books in the past decade. Their books became excellent fundraising tools and great gifts for their supporters.  President Barack Obama’s The Audacity of Hope sold over 4.5 million copies and can be considered a large contributing factor to his successful first presidential campaign.

    Obtain Speaking Engagements – Your inspirational book, which is based on your experiences and philosophy, can be promoted at speaking engagements and can help you gain access to events you may not have been invited to before.

    Legitimacy and Credibility – A self-published book is the perfect vehicle for the promotion and introduction of a candidate in a political campaign because it employs the network of campaign workers, party officials, and volunteers to promote the book. Your campaign kick-off team probably already has a marketing crew in place that can use the book to create the professional legitimacy and credibility that any author would love to have.

    Media Attraction – A Campaign Builder Inspirational Book from Foresight Book Publishing can take your campaign to the next level by creating a new and interesting aspect to your candidacy that will attract the attention of the press and other news media.

  • Career Builder Inspirational Books
    Whether you are a motivational speaker, real estate agent, or professional in any other field, Foresight Book Publishing has all of the essential tools to transform your business expertise into a high quality inspirational book that grabs the attention of current and prospective clients.

    Establish Credibility – A book is an effective tool to establish credibility in a specific area and brand yourself as an authority figure in your professional field.

    Obtain Speaking Engagements – Share your expertise and sell your book during speaking engagements. Being a published author is an excellent tool for networking and prospecting.

    Excellent Informational and Marketing Tool – Display your professional expertise and provide much needed information for potential clients by publishing a Career Builder Inspirational Book. For example, a real estate agent’s business can greatly benefit from publishing a book of tips for first-time home buyers.

    Boost your Image – Create a trustworthy and respectable image for yourself and your business by publishing an inspirational book on how to maintain proper business practices that you advocate as a professional.


  • Corporate Image Builder Inspirational Books
    A Corporate Image Builder Inspirational Book records the history and future vision of
    your organization. From the people, events, and culture that have made your company
    successful, this book relays the past, present, and future of your business.

    Valuable Marketing Tool – A Corporate Image Builder Inspirational Book is a great way to sell your company, your vision and develop an effective branding strategy as well as reputable public image for your company and product.

    Excellent Recruitment Tool – In a competitive employment market, a Corporate Image Builder Inspirational Book can increase the interest of potential talent to work with your organization by creating awareness to your mission, vision and values. It can also build current employee pride and loyalty as well as strengthen your overall brand identity.

    Commemorative Book – A Corporate Image Builder Inspirational Book makes a great gift for your employees, prospects, clients, and key community leaders because it commemorates your company’s key achievements, anniversaries, and other milestones.

    Inspirational Tool – Share the lessons, insights, and inspirational stories behind your company’s success.









A professionally-crafted book is the ideal marketing tool for the promotion of professionals, organizations, public officials, or candidates running for public office. A book is also the ideal vehicle to sell your products or services, network with new prospects, and develop your branding proposition or perception.

You don’t have to be a professional writer or dedicate much time to writing. A qualified ghostwriter will assist you in the writing your book so you no longer have to procrastinate because of writers block, lack of time, or lack of writing skills.

A Foresight book is an excellent fundraising tool. We produce the book for you at a one-time, wholesale price, and you sell your book at retail price. This means that you get to buy low and sell high so you gain profit with every sale. You could also give signed free copies to your major donors as a gift and in appreciation for their contributions. In a short time, this initial investment could be recovered and pay back many times over.

Your book will act as a great tool to obtain speaking engagements where you will be able to sell your message, your services, your company, as well as your book.

A self-published book can be one of the most credible branding tools for you, your campaign, or your company.

Publishing a book is one of the best ways to gain publicity for yourself, company, or campaign.

Professional, experienced illustrators will design and format your book, inside and out, to your full satisfaction.

You keep the intellectual property and copyrights of your book—the book does not belong to us, it belongs to YOU.

With On-Demand printing technology, you can print as many books as you want or need, whenever you need them. No more buying large quantities of books, just to store them in your garage or warehouse.

We can publish your book from start to finish in less than 60-days (subject to the author’s fast turnaround of requested materials).

Foresight’s book quality and customer satisfaction is among the best in the industry.

We are affiliated with the one of the largest distributors of books in the world. Your book will be included and made available in the catalog of the largest online booksellers in the world, including Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

We can format your book into an eBook so that it is available for online download.


We offer two all-inclusive publishing packages to get your message out to the public in a timely manner. While the Basic Package is simply a production of your book, the Premium Package includes basic marketing tools you can use to begin promoting your brand. For information on package rates, please refer to the Author’s Guide located in the Resource Center.



Professional ghostwriting and proofreading

Custom full-color cover design

Customized book interior design and formatting

ISBN registration and UPC bar code assignment

Library of Congress and US Copyright registration



Digital copy of book interior and cover for author’s own
promotional purposes

Copies of book for author’s promotional purposes (50)

Wholesale prices for books purchased by author for direct sales

News Wire Press Release

Book featured in Foresight’s website catalog

Worldwide book distribution through all major book retailers, wholesalers, and Online book sellers




Professional ghostwriting and proofreading

Custom full-color cover design

Customized book interior design and formatting

eBook digital production

ISBN registration and UPC bar code assignment

Library of Congress and US Copyright registration



Digital copy of book interior and cover for author’s own
promotional purposes

Copies of book for author’s promotional purposes (100)

Wholesale prices for books purchased by author for direct sales

Creation of 5-page author website (domain name and hosting
not included)

Simple indexing

Promotional posters for book signings (11X17)

Author business cards (500)

News Wire Press Release

Book featured in Foresight’s website catalog

Worldwide book distribution through all major book retailers, wholesalers, and Online book sellers


Optional “A La Carte” Marketing, Promotion & Publicity Services

News Wire Press Release Service
Your Complete and Comprehensive Packages include our news Wire press release service, which is comprised of online distribution to more than 25,000 subscribers through
RSS, Mobile  Network, eMediaWire, Yahoo! News, and Topix, as well as being made available to Google News. It also includes a professionally written press release that you can send directly to different media outlets.

Comprehensive News Wire Press Release Service
The most comprehensive, full-featured package provides the broadest distribution available and assures your message will reach specific specialized media, potential buyers, customers, and other key influencers.

  •     Online distribution to more than 250,000 subscribers through RSS, PRWeb’s Mobile Network, eMediaWire, Yahoo! News, and Topix, as well as being made available to Google News.
  •     Distribution through the Associated Press to top US newspapers.
  •     Distribution to our Opt-In Media Database of more than 35,000 journalists and our comprehensive
  •     Social Media Network.
  •     Targeted distribution to ten industry targets, five regional targets, and two media digests.
  •     Tweet - to enable you to simultaneously send your news through PRWeb’s online distribution service and Twitter.
  •     Comprehensive reporting and analytics to track the number of full page reads, headline impressions, visits by country, total search engine traffic, and identify key search terms.

Business cards
Full-color printing of Book Cover (front side) and black-and-white (backside)

Oversized Postcards
8.5 ” x 5.47”, Full-color printing of Book Cover (front side) and black-and-white (backside)

Full color printing of the Book Cover using ForeSight Book Publishing Template
    • Posters 24” x 36”
    • Posters 11” x 17”

Author’s Website (5-Pages)
Design and Development of a five-page author’s Website (Domain name or Hosting services not included). Can include the author’s biography, book preview, links to order pages on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc., ministry information, contact information, etc.

eBook Formatting and Distribution
For I-Pads, Kindle, Nook and other eReaders

Digital Copy of Book Cover or Interior
Jpeg bitmap format (Output at print-ready resolution)

Creation of Facebook® Author’s Profile
To create and grow publicity and “buzz” over the Internet



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