Complete Work Order Request Form (WORF-1)

  Complete Creative Brief Form (BCBF-1 and companion forms)

  Audio files or final manuscript

  Author's condensed biography for back cover (Maximum of 150 words)

  Author's extended biography for website (Long version - Maximum 600 words)

  Complete address where the Copyright certificate should be registered and mailed

  Description of organization to be used on website (Maximum of 500 words)

  High-resolution full-color photo of author in digital format (Acceptable file formats include: .jpg or .tif format at approximate size equivalent to a 4”x 5” photo at 300 dpi resolution)

  Book Dedication (if applicable)

  Back Cover book synopsis (Maximum of 150 words description that answers, “Why I should buy this book”? This summary is like the billboard which will help sell your book. Bear in mind that a reader may buy or drop the book after reading this summary; therefore, it must be of high impact)





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