"Turn your healthcare

into selfcare."

I decided to write this politically incorrect book, because I’ve seen so much suffering by unsuspecting people who trusted their doctors, hospitals, dietitians, pharmaceutical companies, supplement suppliers and others involved in one aspect of healthcare or another.

This book is about the reality of health and wellness, disease reversal, disease prevention and personal accountability. It is also intended to educate people about various ways to achieve wellness and protect them against the multitude of wellness scams. A disease-riddled body is a serious issue that affects the victim, family members, employers, and ultimately all of society. It’s time to respect your body, be kind to yourself, and love others enough to tell them the truth about real wellness.

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When Thomas had triple by-pass surgery, I was his physical therapist and talked with him about making needed lifestyle changes, especially his diet. He was overweight, a smoker for more than 50 years, had high blood pressure, and Type II diabetes for which he took Glyburide 5mg once each day. That’s when Thomas decided to stop smoking and embrace a plantarian lifestyle. He lost 40 pounds, his blood pressure was under control, and his doctor told him he no longer had diabetes. “I am still working on further improving my health and general lifestyle. I heartily recommend you and your program.”


Jean needed to get on the road to wellness and wrote, “I have found it be most beneficial as the nightly swelling of my ankles has disappeared completely. Also, my blood glucose and circulation in my legs have stabilized. In fact, I’m no longer taking the medication for the circulation problem and my glucose medication has been cut back as well.” Jean was a fan who recommended my program to her friends.

Penny’s Story

Penny was admitted to the hospital in September, 2000, for hip replacement surgery and I was her physical therapist. She attended one of my back safety presentations and she wrote, “In your presentation, not only did you impress me with your knowledge, but also your class was unlike any other class I had ever attended. There are many advocates of healthy living, but very few examples. It was very clear to me that you practice what you teach. The whole presentation kept me on the edge of my seat, wanting to know more.”

“I have lost 60 lbs and [am] able to walk five laps around the mall after working all day. The change of lifestyle has enabled me to stop taking several medications: Verapimil 240mg/day for high blood pressure, half of Propanolnol dosage, my other blood pressure medicine, Celebrex 600mg daily for arthritis, and Percodan for occasional pain.” She noted the connection between her high blood pressure and her weight which was due to her poor eating habits, sedentary lifestyle, and limited physical abilities.

“I have become very active with my children and my grandchildren, have gone from sad to happy, have a new and improved outlook on life, and have applied for a more rewarding job with the state. I could have never accomplished this in my former condition. There are a great majority of people who don’t know how to be healthy and the consequences of poor lifestyle choices. I believe you have the ability to change thousands of lives with your program and dedication.”



Marjorie and Her Doctor

This was a triple play, all of which focused on a 92-year-old woman’s journey to wellness and the results of that journey. “At age 92, I was resigned to the fact that nothing could improve my quality of life due to my various physical problems. However, I was mistaken because your program of dietary suggestions along with minimum exercises has really helped the quality of my life.” Marjorie lost almost 50 pounds, had a marked decrease in the swelling of her legs, and was no longer on Lasix. Her balance improved as did her walking, the pain in her shoulder decreased, and she had more energy. Six months earlier, Marjorie was taking 11 different medications daily, but her doctor, P.R., M.D. was amazed by her progress. “By following your dietary instructions and minimum exercises, she has improved her overall health  . . . reduced her chronic joint pains . . . and was more active and sociable during her recent visit. I have been able to reduce her prescription medications to a minimum (three or four as needed).”


Dedra, a Patient Care Technician at the hospital in 2002, took my back safety and wellness class. When she met me six months earlier, she shared the results of her blood work with me.


Blood Sugar—220

Blood Pressure—167/90

Weight—220 pounds

Her doctor told her if the she didn’t do something, she would soon die. “You encouraged me to change my eating habits and lifestyle instead of taking pills.” It took Dedra six months, but her lab results were strikingly different:

Triglycerides—173   Cholesterol—196

Blood Sugar—80   Blood Pressure—117/70


Dedra accomplished all of this without taking any medications which amazed her doctor. She did low-level exercises daily, had more energy, and could do more with her son. She could get through a workday without feeling tired and, with the help of her father (who got on the healthy lifestyle bandwagon) she was sticking with the program. Ironically, her father lost 50 pounds, which was great for him because he was a heart patient. Her son even became aware, at the age of six, of how much junk food was served at his school. It started with one mom who wanted to live a life of wellness and it became a family affair.

T.S., M.D.—Trish’s Doctor

Trish’s doctor, who I worked with to help Trish, wrote to me in April, 2007, thanking me for providing Trish with nutritional instructions and encouragement. He wrote, “I have been able to successfully eliminate many of her prescription medications. She seems to have increased energy and vitality, reduced depression and anxiety, improved circulation, sleep quality, and decreased joint pain. She has also lost 40 pounds in just two months and her recent blood profile demonstrates her improved lifestyle choices. I recommend your program to anyone who is in search of excellent health.” It was Trish who made the choices and worked steadily to improve her own life.

Dr. S.R.

Dr. S. wrote to me twice. The first time was in 2003 after enduring back surgery and subsequent complications that required a five-week hospital stay. During our physical therapy sessions, I discussed body mechanics as well as diet. He wrote, “I cannot begin to tell you how valuable your instructions on back care and diet have [been] to me. I have been able to lose over 25 pounds and have lowered my cholesterol over 95 points. Your passion and conviction for your back care and health prevention program are a true inspiration.”


Randy was the Safety Supervisor for a local energy company who, along with his co-workers, attended my back safety class which included the care and nutrition needed to maintain a health back (and a healthy total body). The program was adopted by the energy company for their “at risk” employees. Randy wrote, “While the program still explains the mechanics of lifting, the presentations on proper nutrition and stretching add new dimensions to what has otherwise become a passé and trite subject. Our employees have been especially appreciative of the fact that we seem to be genuinely interested in their wellbeing as opposed to presenting the same old, tired material in a familiar format.”  I had many opportunities to meet employees of the company in the field and experience the types of work they were doing. It allowed me to personalize my presentation. Randy mentioned that one employee “has gone so far as to tell me that since attending the class, he has embraced the diet changes and has gone from using insulin four times a day over the last twenty years to treat his diabetes, to not having used insulin in the last two months – much to the amazement of his personal physician.” Randy also wrote, “The employees who alter their eating and exercise habits will benefit with improved health and longevity.”


Karen, an R.N in the surgical department, wrote to thank me for “motivating my dad to improve his health.” Her father was diagnosed with prostate cancer one year earlier at age 57 and decided to follow my nutritional recommendations. She told me, “Since January, 2005, he lost 30 pounds in just 30 days . . .  he now feels better, sleeps better, has increased energy, and I know he has reduced his prostate cancer progression.” She was also motivated her to change her own eating habits.


Lula also changed her diet and wrote of the drastic improvements in her health, “I lost nearly 40 pounds, I don’t have to take Lortab or sleeping pills at night, and no bnn longer suffering from constipation.” Her insulin component went from 75 units to 5-10 units per day, her headaches stopped due to lower blood pressure, and with less swelling in her legs she could walk without joint pain and shortness of breath. Her sister was totally impressed, started following my dietary recommendations and noticed the benefits almost immediately.


James Igani came to the United States as a teenager in search of a future. Little did he know that the future he sought was part of a larger journey—his journey to wellness. After completing high school and earning a degree in biology from the University of Tennessee, James went back to school to earn an Associate’s Degree as a physical therapist assistant. It was then he began to experiment with his diet and its link to physical, mental, and emotional wellness. His first subject was himself and the results were so positive, he began to share his story and dietary recommendations with family, friends, colleagues and even attendees to his back safety and wellness classes. All who took his ideas and recommendations seriously reaped a harvest of wellness.

While others pronounce their plans the loudest or push the newest fad to lure consumers in to buy their foods, supplements, shakes and exercise pills, James thinks outside the box when it comes to healthy nutrition and real wellness. He doesn’t beat around the bush with politically correct niceties. He tells the truth as he reveals how Americans have been misled regarding their health by doctors, politicians, judges, and lawyers, all of whom keep the scams going for various facets of what has become industrialized and commercialized medicine. That leaves all Americans without truly healthy role models because poor health affects everyone—registered dietitians, doctors, nurses, judges, lawyers, men of God, teachers, counselors, gym teachers, police officers, firefighters, and fitness instructors to name just a few. They all seem to suffer from unhealthy lifestyle habits and/or obesity.

When good role models are absent, convincing children that sickness and ill health are not the norm is made twice as difficult. This places the burden squarely on the shoulder of the parents and other caregivers to place great emphasis on healthy lifestyle choices as part of educating children. James personally witnessed patients losing their adult children to heart attacks, diabetes complications, cancers, strokes simply because of their lifestyle choices. There are no do-overs in life, but there are wonderful opportunities to start over and head down the road to real wellness. Read this book with an open mind, challenge old theories of health and wellness, recognize all the scams that do nothing more than empty your wallet, and then start your own journey to wellness. It is something you will never regret.


J. Cohen Walker, Ed. is a retired writer and editor who found the concepts, truths and revelations in
this book so fascinating, she knew she had to become part of Mr. Igani’s project to get this book to press. Ms. Walker is a graduate of Goddard College, Franklin Pierce Law Center, and the University of
Tennessee, Knoxville.


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