WEEK 1  Signature of Publishing Agreement and submission of all materials required to begin publishing process (Click to see Author's Checklist)

 WEEK 2  Audio files turned into a MS Word format  Book designer designs full color book covers and book interior (Galley)  Foresight files copyright registration on author's behalf and obtains ISBN number and Bar Code

 WEEK 3-4  Editor reviews and edits the author's manuscript, and adds content if necessary
(If applicable to your package)
  Author reviews final book covers, then gives final approval/acceptance of book covers  Author reviews final galley, then gives final approval/acceptance of book galley

 WEEK 5  Foresight produces a book proof (A copy of the final book and sends it to author for final approval)  Author's final approval of book proof

 WEEK 6-7  Digital file of book cover and galley are uploaded on servers for international distribution

 WEEK 8-9  Post cards, promotional poster and Website are designed (If applicable to your package)  Author approves post cards, promotional poster(s) and website (If applicable to your package)

 WEEK 10-12  Foresight uploads Website and initiates production of postcards and poster(s)  Press Release is electronically distributed to over 25,000 media outlets  Author orders books for direct sales and promotions  Book promotion begins

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